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Cheng Ruming is accredited as a National Pride Master of Cooking (only 16 such people nationwide). His grandson Liu Jian has learned the art of cooking from him since 1993, and the two together founded Family Cheng’s Banquet in 2005.

State banquet is the highest level formal banquet held by national leaders to celebrate important events or treat foreign state leaders or governmental heads.

In a state banquet, the menu consists of the essences of all cuisines covering imperial court dishes and feature folk dishes , not only the eight major cuisines of China but also famous dishes from all over the world, to meet the requirements of flavor being the core to serve the end of nourishment. As a special cuisine that incorporates the essences of all cooking arts

the state banquet features three lows and one high (namely, low salt, low sugar, low fat, and high protein) required by modern food science.

The characteristics of the state banquet can be summarized as the follows: precious ingredients, carefully selected raw materials, flavor as the essence, finely cut, elaborate seasoning, tender texture, light colors, decently ornaments, and graceful styling.



Family Cheng’s Banquet

Founded in 2005

Jointly created by General Chief Chef of Chairman Mao Zedong Master Cheng Ruming and his successor Mr. Liu Jian!


Based on the eight major cuisines of China, Family Cheng’s Banquet incorporated the essence of state banquets and adopts the optimal cooking methods to transform superb ingredients into state banquet dishes. The essence of Family Cheng’s Banquet today is the integration of the best Hai (Zhongnanhai) cooking method with the best selected raw materials.


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