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The core values of the company are summarized as “we stay together to make Chengfuyan great; we stay together to witness the greatness of Chengfuyan.” Upholding the managerial principles of “retaining talents, listening to opinions, and cultivating the official banquet culture”, the company has established a humane corporate management system and supplementary training, examination, and promotion mechanisms, and has tailored a plan for the career life of employees so as to create a state banquet corporate culture of its own. We welcome friends who are interested in the food industry to join us, and we will provide a perfect development platform so that you will find opportunities and show your capabilities, which will uplift you to the next level and a successful future.

  • 5人 销售主管

    女性,身高163以上,形象气质佳、表达沟通能力强 ,有一年以上酒店餐饮行业经验,有客户资源的优先; 

  • 1人 销售经理


  • 1人 销售总监


  • 1人 服务主管


  • 1人 服务经理


  • 1人 服务总监


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